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Guest Lecture on Stress Management

DATE Nov 06, 2023

    SPEAKER Prof. Noam Shpancer

    A guest lecture and interactive session on the theme “Stress Management” was organized by the College , tailored specifically for students from the School of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSSH), MIER College of Education and 12th-grade psychology students from Model Academy School. This lecture is part of our ongoing commitment to support the well- being and mental health of students. The resource person was Prof. Noam Shpancer, Department of Psychology, Otterbein University, Ohio, USA who is currently on a Sabbatical at IIT Jammu. Prof. Adit Gupta, Director and Principal MIER College of Education, Mrs. Rupa Gupta, Jt. Director MIER; Dr Lakhvinder Singh, Coordinator Centre for Essential Skills, IIT Jammu; Prof. Mool Raj, Controller Examination, MIER College; Dr Monika Bajaj, HoD SSSH and Dr. Rohinka Sharma, HoD SoE, along with the faculty members attended the lecture. Prof. Adit Gupta warmly welcomed the resource person and the audience. He introduced the resource person and said Prof. Shpancer is a licensed, practising clinical psychologist with the Centre for Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy, Columbus, Ohio, USA. His clinical speciality is the assessment and treatment of anxiety disorders. He teaches introductory psychology, abnormal psychology, assessment, advanced research, and health psychology. He has many awards and accolades to his credit. Prof. Shpancer is well-presented and published at the
    international level. Prof. Noam Shpancer said stress management has become a vital ability for people from every sphere of life, including students. Mental well-being is just as important as physical health and hygiene. He said mental health is responsible for attaining life satisfaction and good mental
    health habits are predictors of quality of life. Prof. Shpancer provided day-to-day examples in explaining mental health skills that a person needs to practice minimizing mental health threats and challenges. He underlined that, although it may be uncomfortable at first, every one of us needs to establish and maintain regular mental health practices for mental wellbeing. He stressed
    the following three skills for mental well-being: facing the challenge or fear, managing emotions
    through acceptance and consultation, and cognitive appraisal. The audience engaged in an insightful question-and-answer session, addressing their specific concerns and inquiries related to stress management.